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Fuel tanksBlue-Mobile UREA (DEF) tanks

The Blue-Mobile UREA (DEF) tanks distributed by Les Industries Desjardins Ltd are the lightest on the market. Their molded urea resistant polyethylene construction integrates a compartment to store the hose, nozzle and power cable. The submersible pump installed as standard in DT-Mobile tanks ensures reliability and is much quieter than suction pumps. Pockets molded under the tank allow you to handle the full tank with a forklift. Anchoring lugs are also integrated on each side of the tank to secure it. Blue-Mobile tanks are undoubtedly the most economical solution for transporting Urea destined for refueling your equipment.

  • Capacities of 210 litres or 440 litres
  • Submersible pump 30 litres/minute 12VDC
  • Flexible hose 19 mm (¾ in.) x 4 m (12 ft)
  • Automatic shut-off nozzle

Model number


Empty weight

Filled weight

Overall width

Overall depth

Overall height

11144 210 litres 45 LBS
(21 KG)
442 LBS
(201 KG)
595 mm
(23.43 po./in.)
785 mm
(30.91 po./in.)
685 mm
(26.97 po./in.)
11145 440 litres 80 LBS
(36 KG)
912 LBS
(414 KG)
800 mm
(31.50 po./in.)
1180 mm
(46.46 po./in.)
710 mm
(27.95 po./in.)
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Item Description
A Fill/vent cap
B Automatic shut-off nozzle
C Hose 12 ft
D ON/OFF switch
E Crocodile clips
F Spare opening