Rectangular Double Wall


The iD-Cube tanks manufactured by Les Industries Desjardins Ltée are the most versatile on the market. Whether for refueling or generator fuel supply, whether your installation is indoors or outdoors and whether your usage is fix or mobile, iD-Cube tanks will answer all your needs. The unique dual certification CAN/ULC-S601 & CAN/CGSB 43.146 design and its CAN/ULC-S663 listed filling box allow the iD-Cube to meet all Canadian requirements for fuel and gas storage and transportation. In addition, its double-walled fabrication allows you to add an electronic leak detection sensor in replacement to the basic supplied visual leak sensor. The iD-Cube tanks manufactured by Les Industries Desjardins Ltée are therefore your first choice for all your fuel storage needs.

.-> Meets Canadian regulations CSA B138 & B139 for oil-burning equipment

.-> Double wall construction CAN/ULC-S601 listed for stationary use

.-> Double wall construction CAN/CGSB 43.146 listed for mobile use

.-> Spill box CAN/ULC-S663 listed

.-> Lockable anti-vandalism protection cabinet to cover all equipment

.-> Possibility to install a pump and meter inside cabinet

.-> Enough openings for  generator fuel supply/return

.-> Accessible ports from outside cabinet for remote filling and venting

.-> Durable outside epoxy coating

.-> Fork pockets on both sides for handling with forklift

.-> Lugs at the 4 corners for handling the filled tank with a sling

.-> Galvanized steel frame allowing to stack up to 3 filled tanks

.-> Standard visual leak sensor 

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